Discontinued ISD Codes, it was used earlier, but not now

Discontinued ISD codes

Historically ISD Calling codes of some countries are revised, and they have allocated different ISD codes. Any how, such codes are discontinued and not in use.

Country ISD Code
Formerly Aruba – See country code +2975998
Formerly American Samoa – New code +1-684684
Formerly Guam – Now +1-671671
Formerly Sint Maarten – Now +1-7215995
It was assigned to San Marino, see +378295
It was assigned to the European Telephony Numbering Space388
It was assigned to the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) until April 1992; this area is now covered by Germany code +49)37
It was assigned to Yugoslavia before break-up38
Unassigned (formerly used by Inmarsat Atlantic West) discontinued 2008874
Unassigned (formerly used by Inmarsat Indian) discontinued in 2008873
Unassigned (formerly used by Inmarsat Pacific) discontinued in 2008872
Unassigned (formerly used by Inmarsat, Atlantic East) discontinued in 2008871
Unassigned – originally assigned to Dubai now covered under +971978
Unassigned – originally South Yemen now covered under +967 Yemen (formerly North Yemen)969
Unassigned, formerly ANAC satellite service857
Unassigned, formerly ANAC satellite service858
Vatican City assigned, but uses +39 Italy code379