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STD Code 2444 - Maharashtra Beed Patoda

State Maharashtra
District Beed
City/Area Patoda
STD Code 2444      when dialing use the prefix digit 0, eg. 02444
Service Area MH
  • SDCA: Short Distance Charging Area also called local area
  • LDCA: Long Distance Charging Area comprising of one or several SDCAs
  • PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network

Indian Telecom Network

Each LDCA has a Long Distance Charging Centre (LDCC), which is a Trunk Automatic Exchange (TAX). Each SDCA has a Short Distance Charging Centre (SDCC). Normally each SDCC is an integrated local-cum-tandem or a transit switch. Each SDCA normally covers one or more taluka or other administrative areas. The size of SDCA generally varies.

Indian Telecom Network is divided into number of LDCAs. Each LDCA consists of one or more SDCAs, which are also known as local areas. Each SDCA has one or more number of exchanges.India has adopted type-2 structure for PSTN. Each SDCA is allotted a unique trunk code. There are at present 2645 SDCAs distributed in 322 LDCAs.

Accordingly, 2645 codes are required to identify the complete country based on SDCA linked numbering scheme. The length of the Trunk Code (TC) shall vary from 2 to 4 digits depending upon the size and telephone density requirement of the SDCA.

10 digits numbering scheme

With this uniform 10 digits SDCA linked numbering scheme, it would have following pattern:
SDCA Code(STD Code) Subscriber Number
2-digit 8-digit
3-digit 7-digit
4-digit 6-digit

Level ‘2’ to ‘6’ are allocated to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

The numbers starting from ‘2’ to ‘6’ are reserved for PSTN within SDCA. At present the PSTN numbers in SDCAs vary between 6 to 8 digits so that the total

 [STD-Code or SDCA_Code]+[Telephone_Number] 
is 10-digit, This excludes the access code ‘0’. With ‘0’ prefix STD code, the total digit length will becomes 11 digits.

Land line numbers are ranges from 6 digits to at most 8 digits long (usually in major metros). The total length of all phone numbers (STD code and the phone number) in India is constant at 10 digits, for example 040-23456789 signifies a STD code 040- Hyderabad & the phone number 23456789. Due to the availability of multiple operators offering fixed line services (either over wire or wireless), there is an operator-code for each telephone number, which is the first digit in the phone number.

  • 2 - BSNL and MTNL
  • 3 - Reliance Communications
  • 4 - Bharti Airtel
  • 6 - Tata Indicom

Level ‘1’ is for Special Services

Level ‘1’ is used for accessing special services like emergency services, supplementary services, inquiry and operator-assisted services.

  • 100 - Police
  • 101 - Fire Rescue
  • 108 - Emergency Medical/Rescue
  • etc...

Some sub levels have been allocated for use by access providers (operators). These levels can be used for providing the services within their network.

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