List of Regional Transport Office(RTO) locations in Meghalaya

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What so reason, It is now possible to determie the vehicle registered area. By knowing vehicle Registration number, we can determine the RTO ( Regional Transport Office) location. This will some how helpful to identify the vehicle owner. Further realtime Vehicle location is possible only if you have GPS device installed in that vehicle. So this service will not provide you any realtime location.

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Following are the some codes belongs to this region

ML01, ML02, ML03, ML04, ML05, ML06, ML07, ML08, ML09, ML10

List of Regional Transport Office(RTO) locations in Meghalaya

List of RTO Office locations in Meghalaya

RTO LocationsRTO Code
Jaintia HillsML04
West Khasi HillsML06
East Garo HillsML07
West Garo HillsML08
South Garo HillsML09

State wise listings of RTO codes and RTO regions in india