Driving Emergencies and First Aid

Automobile Driving Emergencies and First Aid Kit

First Aid is the initial care given to the accident victim. Many deaths and impact of injuries are prevented with First Aid if the casualities are treated immediately. This timely care means the difference between life and death. The care should continue till the arrival of medical help.

Automobile first aid kits contain the basic medicines

Automobile first aid kit refers to the simple first aid kit which has to be carried everytime when you are on drive. Auto first aid kits contain the basic medicines, bandages and other medicated accessories that are required just after the injury. So never forget to carry it.

Basic Aims of First Aid Kit

  • To save life.
  • To protect the casualty from getting more harm.
  • To reduce pain.

Driving Emergencies

Driving should be done very carefully. While driving you should also be aware of driving emergencies. Car driving emergencies tips should be known to everybody. It helps to overcome any type of accidents during emergencies.

Tips for Emergencies

Know what to do when the tyre bursts or in case the steering cease to work. Be a smart driver and keep all these measures at your finger tips.

In case of Steering failure

When steering cease to work while driving, it can be the worst situation. Follow the given tips and never get panic.

  • Reduce speed
  • Apply brakes

In case of Brake failure

  • Brakes are the most important part of any vehicle. When it fails all of a certain people generally tend to panic. Don't do that. Follow the tips given below and try to keep it on your finger tips.
  • First do not panic; when you panic, you cannot take correct action.
  • Take your foot off the accelerator and rapidly change gear down.
  • Use hand brake.
  • Steer to the side.

In case of Tyre burst

If tyre bursts while driving it is very tough to have a control over the steering. This can lead to a serious accident. What to do in such situation, check out here.

  • Hold the steering wheel tight to control the pulling and halt the car quickly.
  • Precautions to be taken at intersections
  • Check out here what precautions are to be taken at intersections. Intersection is a place where accidents tend to happen.
  • At intersections, stop, look and then enter.
  • Always give way for traffic on the main road.
  • At the intersection of two main roads give way to traffic coming from your right.
  • At all round abouts, traffic on the right has preference.

In case of Skidding

  • It can occur due to bad tyres, due to spilt oil on roads and wet surface in rainy weather. It can also occur when you apply sudden brake or take a sharp fast turn.
  • While it is skidding do not apply brake but gently steer in the direction in which it is pulling.